falling in love!


allow me, With much love and appreciation for you and your wishes,
to enchant your home and bring a touch of magic to it!


When you walk into your home and take in the atmosphere, style, colours and furniture, does it feel like "YES, THIS IS SO ME!"? Is your home a reflection of your uniqueness, is your heart and soul in it or is it something that was created to be chic and trendy but doesn't really reflect you and your personality?


With my designs, I would love to transform your home into a place you fall in love with, a place where your soul feels at home. A place filled with harmony and joy, a place you are looking forward to.


My designs are created for people who want to celebrate their authenticity and uniqueness, people who don't follow the crowd.


Like the alchemists, the wizards of old who created gold, I will create a design that really suits you because it is authentic, it expresses your individuality, and reflects who and what you really are:


A unique masterpiece!



    And apart from designing your new fireplace I would love to inspire you with my design ideas for the area surrounding it.


    Aside from the design of your new fireplace, I would like to inspire you with my design ideas for the area "surrounding the fireplace", as both together should be a harmonious composition. Every single fireplace-design and the corresponding room ambience showcased here, was designed with great love and attention for every detail.


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