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Interior Styling


with great care and attention for each detail!


  • Are you planning a new interior project or are you in the process of refurbishing your existing place?
  • Are you not sure which colours, materials, furniture, accessories, or even which design-style you should go for?
  • Are you looking for inspirational ideas and professional 3d-visualisations because you would you like to see upfront what looks best?


Let me support you with my boundless creativity and my skills as an expert for stunning 3d-visualisations


  • I will show you how your room is transforming depending on which colours, materials, furniture, and accessories you are using.
  • I will create (several) design ideas for your project and present these ideas to you in form of stunning 3D-visualisations.
  • These images will show you exactly how the appearance of your room(s) will change based on your choice of colours, materials, furniture, and accessories and they will make it easy for you to decide.


My creativity is not limited to design of fireplaces only, I will also create your interior. I love to merge the fireplace and the room into a beautiful, harmonious unity but I am also at your side if you want interior-styling without a fireplace because you like my design ideas. Each interior-styling, shown here on my website, was designed by me with much love and care for every detail.

My Services



If you commission me to design your fireplace, but you also want the room ambience and fireplace to form a harmonious whole, I will support you with my creativity and my ideas for both and will present these ideas to you in the form of detailed 3D visuals.



The room concept is pretty much set, but you want to see how all the furniture, colors and materials you have chosen will work as a whole. To do this, I create a 3D visualization of the premises according to your specifications, so that you can decide whether you like what you have chosen. If you would like to change something, I would be happy to support you with my creativity.


3.YOU HAVE A interior PROJECT:

And would like to be inspired by me. I'll show you how the ambience of your rooms can be changed, sometimes dramatically by:


  • the choice of furnishing style,
  • the type and position of the furniture,
  • the choice of colors and materials,
  • the position of accessories and images

I am happy to support you within all these services with my creative ideas and I will create detailed, photo-realistic 3D renderings for your interior project so that you can really be sure that you like what you have chosen and that the room radiates the ambience that yoo wish for.

How we work together


Working together online will be the easiest option but meeting you on site will be a step up as we can work on your project far more intensly. If you would like to book my services for your interior design project, please contact me. We will discuss all the details and based on this information I will provide a non-binding and customized offer.


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